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Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy)​

Endeavour Collage of Natural Health, 2017


Bioresonance and Reiki practicioner

Certificate of Bio Resonance Therapy

Regumed, 2018

Mission: we help people with their health.
Vision: with knowledge and care, we are available to help



Alexandra Papadatos

Sanctuary Cove

Chris has been a real godsend! After years of suffering with digestive problems, migraines and hormonal issues that had remained undiagnosed and untreated (despite lots of tests and medical appointments), I am finally regaining my health.  Chris professionally provides unique insights and helpful information on the root causes and lifestyle choices that help to manage my mental and physical wellbeing.  He is genuinely interested in me as an individual and is able to effectively use all the knowledge, tools and intuition at his disposal to help me with the many health issues I initially presented with - ranging from hayfever to debilitating fatigue.  It is also convenient that I can have a choice of visiting his clinic in person or receive a remote treatment online with the same benefits.  I am truly grateful for Chris and highly recommend his services to anyone looking to better their quality of life.

Rocks of Balance_edited.jpg

Jill Greenwood

Thanks so much for the virtual session Chris. It was excellent. I am excited to continue working with you to get back into balance and reclaiming my mojo! YOU ROCK!


Catherine Watt

Pregnant Woman_edited_edited.jpg

Chris from CK Naturopathy has hands down been so amazing.

I would highly recommend him.

Chris has a great personality and bedside manner that automatically makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

He has personally helped me and I truly believe has been a big influence in allowing my body to conceive.

I had been diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis and I went to see Chris for this particular reason . My pain had been effecting my work life and overall my mental health. Chris had some previous clients with the same problems and had helped them naturally through his work enormously.

After only three sessions I had noticed I didn’t need to take painkillers as often and my attacks weren’t as frequent. My husband and I started IVF in February this year 2021 and I had been told I was I infertile, the only chance for a baby was through ivf.



Chris helped control my hormones while I did the needles and lifted my spirits each week that I saw him. When I went through minor surgery with my egg retrieval Chris helped with controlling my anxiety and offered natural ways to help fight inflammation and pain.

My husband and I fell pregnant first go!!! And I’ve been seeing Chris every week or two throughout the entire pregnancy! Being classified as high risk it was a no brainer for my husband and I to continue seeing Chris. He has been beyond supportive and sincerely happy for us. I haven’t once wanted to stop the treatment he provides because he truly is a miracle worker, from my migraine headaches to hormonal surges, to cramping and fatigue he has helped me through this pregnancy with so much positivity.

As I’ve said I would highly recommend him especially for women who are needing some natural help with their cycles or even with conceiving their prayed for baby.

Thank you Chris for helping us and supporting us along our journey of fulfilling our dream.

Cat W

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