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Water, the forgotten essential.

There are many new innovations and discoveries made with regards to human health. We live in an information age where new detox diets, vitamin therapy protocols and mindfulness techniques are quite rightly gaining popularity. One important facet of a healthy existence is quite often overlooked, and that is the quantity of water we drink.

Comprising 60 percent of the human body, water is essential in all processes. Water enables cellular homeostasis as it is a transporter of nutrients through the body between cells and removes waste products.

Vascular function: It is important for vascular function as it maintains vascular volume important for blood circulation. All organ systems from the liver, kidneys, digestive system, and brain depends on adequate hydration to function optimally.

Thermoregulation: when body temperature increases (core temperature) the brain increases blood flow to the skin, this causes sweating and a subsequent loss of water.

Joint fluidity: The synovial fluid is significantly made up of water which lubricates the joints and cartilage in the body. Water also prevents friction between bones, and it is a large component of muscle tissue.

Digestion: Water is moved from the blood stream into the small intestines and into the large intestine. It carries with its nutrients, enzymes and assists with the breakdown of food in digestion.

Brain function: Helps regulate brain temperature and removal of toxins. There are some studies that demonstrate correlations between mood disorders and dehydration.

Drink up!

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